Our office/factory premises houses a specially designed test bakery with well-equipped facilities used for routine testing and quality control of products produced by the company before release to the trade. Adjoining the test bakery is a theatrette with a seating capacity of 30-50 for purpose of conducting product demonstrations to the bakers and confectioners who are our customers and potential customers. These sessions are conducted from time to time to introduce new products and share new applications of existing products with our customers.

Training sessions for the sales force are also being held here periodically to enhance their skills and to familiarize them with newly-launched products in order to continually provide good technical back-up services to our customers and lead the trade in product innovation.

Like all our other manufacturing sister companies within the Group, Bakels Malaysia also boost an in-house QC/R&D team who works very closely with our research centers in New Zealand, Australia, etc. on technical issues like product improvement, product innovation and product development, etc.

The production facility at BM comprises two plants - a Powder Plant and a Fats Plant. More than 90% of the products marketed by Bakels Malaysia are manufactured locally in Malaysia utilizing readily available major local raw materials like palm oils and fats, flour, sugar, etc. The products produced at our Shah Alam factory comprise cakes mixes, bread improvers and emulsifiers, cake emulsifiers, emulsified fats, creaming and pastry margarines, pan release agent, fillings, flavouring pastes, etc. The locally produced products are sold both domestically as well as export to countries in the ASEAN region.

New Warehouse

Our current warehouse has a cold room with forkhoist access which will enable heat-sensitive products to be stored under ideal conditions until delivery to the customer to ensure freshness. This new warehouse equipped with the latest racking system housing a larger cold room is now in use. With an additional space of 1200 sq m, we are poised to serve our customers even better.